Create this file using MS Word, or MS Publisher (to keep the files so they function well with the web site, be sure to use the SAVE AS and pick “Web Page (filtered)”  and make sure that the extension has the .html in lower case.  The filename must also be in lower case, i.e., content.html, news.html and message.html.


When you send the file(s) to the web site, be sure to include any pictures and/or folders that the document creates or has included in it.  This is still in the experiment stage and if it doesn’t function properly, I can at least get the files online until a solution is found.

If the file(s) are created in a web page software, please be sure to include any folder that the software creates (although they may not function from within the web page that I created that automatically load with the originating page.

As stated above, I am working on a permanent solution and until I get it resolved, please either follow the instructions at the top or email the page information to Tom Jenkins and he will forward them to me to post. 

If you are knowledgeable of web page design, you may create the pages and upload them to this site using FTP with the username(s) and password(s) provided.  If you do not know the UN/Pwd, contact Tom Jenkins (the person who sold you the domain name) and he will provide them to you.

 Thank you,

George Lee,